Our Team

Designing and building pools and outdoor living spaces is a skilled trade and an art. What we create requires craftsmanship and a real knowledge of design, color, texture, architecture, technology, geology, engineering and construction. Our local team has years of experience, passion and the skill set needed for this unique business environment. Our experience, integrity and commitment is the common thread throughout our team.

Mark Wise, President Austin Water Designs

Mark Wise


Mark is not only the heartbeat of Austin Water Designs, he is also the brain child. He reviews and studies every design and quickly problem solves those with the most challenging aspects.  He has worked in pool design and construction for over 30 years and has earned the respect of his colleagues, vendors and clients through his hard work, dedication and inspiring pool designs.

Mark began his evolution into one of Austin's premier water designers at an early age. "I was drawn to the water and the use of architecture to capture and enhance its look, feel, color and sound." Mark spent his childhood living abroad in Europe and Central America, where his continued exposure to unusual scenery, architecture and art nurtured and stimulated his growing appreciation for design.

Mark attended the University of Texas, majoring in business with additional courses in architecture and geology. During the last decade Mark has continued to develop and expand his expertise, combining harmony and synergy into more holistic and environmentally conscious designs. Mark continues his education by attending national and international design technical seminars presented by world class experts specializing in architectural and structural design, pool design, fluid dynamics and chemical use.

Mark enjoys traveling, bicycling and enjoying time in his own backyard paradise.


scott m. pancake

Senior Designer / Client Consultant

You won’t ever forget Scott Pancake and not because of his unique last name (although that helps!), Scott listens to his clients and reflects their personalities and aesthetic through his design ability.  His expertise covers the map, literally he has designed and built custom pools across the country. First learning his craft in the desert of Arizona he then spent over a decade in design and construction in frosty New England.  He has been involved in over 250 projects. With 16+ years of not only residential but commercial pool construction and design, he brings an understanding of project management, architecture, landscape design, project phase planning, material science & selection, construction methods, and code compliance. Scott enjoys the challenges that the Hill Country of Texas brings to the Pool and Outdoor Living design and build process. He is as member of APSP and maintains his Certified Building Professional (CBP) Certification.

Scott grew up in Vermont, studied Architecture at Louisiana Tech University and has an interest in the future of Machine Learning and AI.  After spending a short amount of time at a tech startup, Scott chose his love of water design over a new career in tech.Scott then pursued designers he admired around the world, choosing a small boutique firm he had been stealing ideas from for years.In addition to his technical skills Scott is a fine artist, specializing in abstract oils.He is a dedicated runner, enjoys lap swimming (Scott would say every pool guy should!), as well as travelling the world. 

Scott Pancake, Austin Pool Builder




Bryant brings not only construction expertise to Austin Water Designs but more importantly experience serving our country in the United States Army. Bryant served as a Squad Leader promoted to E4 Specialist within 1 ½ years. Bryant manages the construction for our projects which entails great attention to detail, managing and delegating to multiple different crews, scheduling, rapid response time to changing priorities and getting back on track quickly whenever Mother Nature rears her head.  

Bryant was offered a scholarship to play football for East Texas Baptist University. His football career ended after a severe foot injury which set him back and he made the decision to pursue a career in construction. He worked as a foreman with 5W construction out of the DFW area here he managed a team of six. During his time in the army, he met and married his wife, Emily and they now have beautiful identical twin girls. Bryant volunteers as a Football, Basketball and Volleyball Coach. He received an Army Achievement Medal and is certified in Air Assault and Combat Lifesaver.He enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time.                      


Ned Druart

Ned Druart

Senior Technical Manager / Landscape Designer

Ned has managed all aspects of pool construction and landscaping with nearly 30 years in the industry, and 25 of those years in Austin, TX. As our technical guru he prepares complex plans for pool systems, water features, elevations, lighting and irrigation systems. He is also an expert on Central Texas native and adapted plants. But don’t let that technical expertise fool you, he is as creative as he is technical, designing beautiful landscaping and outdoor living spaces utilizing 3D software or drawing by hand.

Ned couldn’t have made up a better last name “Druart” (pronounced Drew-Art) as he IS an Artist having attended the Lacoste School of Art in Lacoste, France and receiving a bachelor of Arts with a major in Studio Art from University of Arkansas. Ned is married to Ginny and has 3 children James, Haley and Delaney. He enjoys cycling, and photography, owns his own Ebay Store, “Ned’s Effects”, is a Softball Coach and Personal Softball Trainer.


Jack Hopkins, Austin pool designer

Jack Hopkins

Senior Designer / Client Consultant

We are all seasoned professionals, but Jack may get the “Most-Seasoned Award”. Jack’s pool building experience spans over 30 years and with many years in plumbing, electrical and home building, he truly understands our client’s unique project needs. He has earned many levels of credentials from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) including his Certified Builders Certificate.

Jack is very involved with APSP, from teaching to Board level positions that include Treasurer of the APSP Regional Chapter. As a seasoned designer, he has an eye for backyard possibilities earning him many APSP Design Awards. His technical knowledge of pools, pool equipment and water features is second to none. His specialty is energy efficient and self-sufficient waterscapes. 

He is a "born and raised" Texan and studied at Stephen F. Austin State University. He and his wife, Anna, are building a new home in beautiful Wimberley, TX. Jack enjoys construction, hunting and fishing.