The final product is perfect!

Davenport Ranch

Backyard Retreat

Contemporary Cool mixed with Wonderfully Warm . . . Our clients wanted a pool and backyard living area in Davenport Ranch that complemented their contemporary taste but was warm and inviting at the same time. The challenge: to design in such a way that the contemporary linear aspects were not too austere and cold. The design solution resulted in a very secluded and intimate pool and living area. The family is able to thoroughly remove themselves from the interior area of their home and enjoy the hot summers in a relaxing fashion. To further integrate the aesthetic of the outdoor structure with the existing architecture of the home, we used materials that matched the existing house and porch. The two areas now blend together as if they were built simultaneously. The project required a high level of creativity due to the complex undulation of the previous grade of the land. We were forced to keep the pool at the constructed elevation due to a tree adjacent to the top side of the pool; keeping this tree alive was paramount to our client during the initial meeting so we made sure to be very cautious during every step of the process. The tree adds another organic and warm element in the design helping us build our client’s backyard retreat.

APSP Design Award Bronze 2018

APSP Design Award Merit 2018


"We just had our pool built by AWD and it has been a fantastic experience. Just looking at the portfolio of projects, it is clear that they do great work with classical and contemporary design. We wanted something more contemporary. The design process was outstanding, we were able to get the best design for our budget. During the construction they have been responsive (even when we threw them a curveball design change). They are always polite and most importantly, they have been honest from the very beginning. The final product is perfect! We are using our pool, hot tub and outdoor space (with kitchen) all the time. I strongly recommend them!!"  

— Davenport Ranch Homeowner


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