The final product of our backyard pool is stunning.


Double Bella

When your backyard meets you at the front door . . . It’s a creative wonderland when we can design the outdoor living space in conjunction with the construction of the home. This project in Lakeway's Bella Montagna was just that kind of project. When we studied the plans, we noted the front entry lined up directly with the large windows that spanned across the rear wall of the living room. We knew it would be most striking to have a dynamic water feature that would capture attention as soon as guests walked through the front door. This design does just that; the perimeter edge spa is positioned directly in line with the front entry of the home so as you enter, the mirrored glass effect of the water catches your eye. 

A raised pool deck was added along the backside of the pool to transition the change of elevation that rises as you move away from the home. This raised deck also allowed us to add long linear steps that span all the way across the pool deck and a tanning ledge so sunbathers could step directly down from the raised pool deck and into the water. These long linear steps helped tie in the sleek and modern aesthetic that appealed to our clients and fit well with the overall design of their home. Using stainless steel scuppers at the deep end of the pool we created not only a pleasing sound but a visual impact to balance the perimeter edge spa. Bella means "beautiful" and this project was truly a Double Bella, Door-to-Door Beautiful!

APSP Regional Award Silver 2018


"The final product of our backyard pool is stunning. From the design process to the completed pool, Austin Water Designs was professional and detail oriented. We are enjoying our pool, highly satisfied, she and I would recommend Austin Water Designs." 

Bella Montagna, Lakeway Homeowners