Our pool is beautiful and we’re thrilled with the results.

Luxury Pools & Spas

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Austin Water Designs understand the intricate detail that goes into a pool and spa design and the need for our designs to work seamlessly, not only with your home but with the unique aspects of your property. The details that go into a design range from working with existing rock and color palettes to soil tests and engineering. We make sure to answer questions like; how does your dream pool look at sunrise and how does it look at night? Do you love the tile and plaster color when it is wet as well as when it is dry? We have partnered with the finest manufacturers and go to great lengths to offer you not only the best quality but a wide range of selections to make your pool your own!

Our spas, whether stand-alone or integrated along with the pool, offer year-round enjoyment. From relieving stress to soothing sore muscles, warming up on a chilly night or cooling off during the day, romantic evenings for two or toasting for ten, the addition of a spa creates the core backyard get-away. Schedule a design consult today.


"Our pool is beautiful and we’re thrilled with the results. The “pool school” was very helpful and we were thoroughly instructed on how to control every aspect of the pool and how to keep it in top shape. We realized during training that we couldn’t control our bubbler with the remote and Austin Water Designs quickly remedied that situation by installing a missing part. We also had a warranty issue after the fact and Austin Water Designs installed an extra blower for the spa at no additional charge." 

— Austin Homeowners (Brodie Springs)