Mermaids & Memories

Fun for the "More-Fun-Family"  . . . It's always a pleasure to create projects that will bring families together and make memories. The pleasure was amplified with this family as their middle name should be "fun". This project was designed to be an extension of their beautiful home in Rollingwood where they can bring the party outside, tell stories around the intimate fire pit or play in the beach bubblers with the grandbaby. Each family member helped with selections and the daughter appropriately re-named the tile "Mermaid" due to it's shimmering qualities and light changing color. The pool was also designed for a very active family, the teenagers have already planned their first pool parties . . . gymnasts and lacrosse players stay tuned! Austin architect Dana Copp has designed a beautiful master suite addition and we have integrated the outdoor living space seamlessly. This integration along with the landscaping and sunroom conversion have created a backyard cocoon feel where mermaids and memories are sure to flourish.