Pool Harmony

A little bit Modern, a little bit Organic . . .  This home is one of the most beautiful ranches in Wimberley and we were lucky enough to design and build a pool on one of those ranches. Working from inception with our client (the owner and architect) allowed us to harmonize and blend the environment and the structures. By combining modern geometry of the home with the natural forms and materials of the landscape, a breathtaking transition was made from contemporary architecture to a natural setting which complimented the expansive ranch property. As you move further away from the house, the pool and landscape blend with nature and shift away from the straight lines of the house. We were able to source the boulders and stonework from the property which added to the integrated design and natural properties of the ranch. Working in harmony with this talented client resulted in perfect pool harmony and for this we are proud.

Masters of Design Award PSN 2017